Actress Headshots | Tilly Tremayne

I will treasure my shoot with Tilly Tremayne for a long time. Such a lovely, welcoming and down to earth lady. Tilly has been a successful stage and screen actress for many years and has way too many credits to her name to mention. Lets just say that not everyone has a hand written note from Alec Guinness in their toilet! For her headshot shoot, I travelled down to her amazing house in Somerset. Its was a stunning day and her house had an amazing garden to shoot in. We spent a couple of hours talking and getting a range of headshots. She is often cast in roles of power (MP, Judge, etc) so we got some images that suited this as well as some general headshots. It was truly an honour to meet Tilly, I hope you enjoy this small selection of images from her shoot.

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Actor headshots for actress Tilly TremayneSomerset Actor HeadshotsBristol Headshot Photographer for Tilly TremayneTilly Tremayne Headshots

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Actor Headshots | Tristan Pegg

Tristan comes from a acting family and apparently was in a commercial when he was just a baby. Now graduating with a BA in Professional Acting from the Drama Studio London, he is looking to create a great career on both stage and screen. His Spotlight profile already has some great credits.

Tristan now needed a selection of headshots that he will use in castings and brought a range of clothes to the studio to get a number of images for the range of roles that he plays and wants to audition for. He really can change from the ‘blank canvas’ through to an edgy style.

Follow Tristan on some of the links below and watch his career certainly go from strength to strength.






Three headshot photos for London based actor Tristan PeggMoody headshot for Tristan Pegg

TV Presenter Headshot | Jen Leahey

Oh my, what a shoot and what a lady!!! Jen is both a presenter and actor and was very keen for some new headshots. It instantly felt like I had known her forever. She is such a force of energy and has so many stories! It’s no wonder that she is doing great things and now presenting for Sky TV.

Jen arrived with a suitcase of clothes and we chose a range of outfits that suited her look and the roles and jobs she was after. We went outside the headshot remit a bit at the end with the final shots with the light behind.

It was amazing to meet Jen. She has such a positive air about her. I cannot wait to have her back in the studio again.

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Agent: Sheridan Fitzgerald

Jen Leahey on Spotlight:

Jen Leahey on Mandy:

Jen Leahey on Instagram:

Jen Leahey on Twitter:

Headshot Photography for TV presentersLondon headshot photography for TV Presenters

Dramatic headshot for actor Jen Leahey

Love this super dramatic look which matches the dramatic roles that she gets.

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Actors Headshot Photography | Forest Morgan

They are so many students who have just graduated suddenly getting their headshots sorted before chasing down those roles they have trained so hard for.

Forest is just completing his MA in Performance at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and now wants to raise his profile and find some interesting roles. I always ask what type of role interests actors and with Forest, he loves to play both comedy and the villain. I think this is a great combination and perfect for him.

We tailored the headshot shoot to create a classic Spotlight look which we always aim for but also to show the very light and very dark sides that he wants to play. After over 10 years photographing people, I still love the fact that subtle lighting changes can really alter the perception of someone in an image.

I hope you like Forest’s shoot. It was the first in our new larger headshot studio in Greenwich.

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Actor Headshots for London based actor Forest MorganForst Morgan Actor Headshots

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Luca Jordan | Child Actor Headshots

There is such a difference between photographing headshots for children versus adults. Often adults will come in and list everything they dislike about themselves. Kids are so different and will be full of confidence and ask questions and often be fearless. Especially when they have some experience in front of the camera. Luca and his brother have been working loads recently on adverts and music videos so he needed some new headshots.

He has a fantastic look and is certainly full of character. He left the shoot with me knowing a new song about nose picking that I could not get out of my head! When photographing headshots for children the most important thing is that they feel confident and relaxed. If that means me singing along to his song about nose picking that’s absolutely fine with me. If children are relaxed and enjoy the session the images will be so much better than if we have to bribe them or equivalent to behave.

He is represented by ModelMe Management and is doing so well in national TV adverts, music videos for artists such as Conor and Jack Maynard.

Follow Luca and his brothers adventures at:

You can see Luca on his Spotlight page:

Luca Jordan

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Actress Headshot Photography with Kate Baschan

What a fun headshot shoot this was! Kate is a whirlwind of energy and humour. She arrived from Germany earlier this year to develop her career as an actress. With German / Russian heritage and her energy, we think there are so many options for her!

Kate wanted a selection of headshots to use across Spotlight, Mandy and her social media and we spent a couple of hours shooting outside and in my favourite location under a railway bridge.  Being new to the UK, we gave her some advice on the best websites to list herself on and to start to develop her brand and get her face in front of as many casting professionals as possible.

Headshot Photography for an Actress in LondonLondon Headshots Photography for Actress

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Dancer Headshots with Phoebe Fisher

Phoebe was an absolute star to photograph headshots for. We met just two days before she goes off on tour of the Caribbean and Dubai via two months in Germany learning new routines. Phoebe is a super talented dancer that works on cruise ships throughout the world.

Headshots for actors, dancers and performers

She realised just before she left that she needed new headshots and thankfully we could fit her in. As the weather was amazing, we opted to photograph her headshots outside. We got a great range of different looks for her headshots that she can use for the next couple of years.

Here is where to follow Phoebe’s adventures: Instagram Twitter

Dancer headshots in LondonLondon headshotsLondon Dancer HeadshotsHeadshots for dancers

Here is a behind the scenes look at how we achieved one of the headshot styles.

Phoebe Fisher Dancer

Actress Headshots

Since we moved into our dedicated headshot studio in Greenwich, we have only photographed a couple of actor as I have been photographing all over London. Sonera was the first actress that I shot in the studio and what a way to start! We started the shoot at 8.30 in the morning and got through so many looks. Sonera has not been acting that long but already has a number of credits to her name.

Headshots for Sonera Angel

Check out her Spotlight and IMDB profiles below to see what she has achieved in such a short period of time. Apparently she was unwell for her last headshots so this time wanted to get her personality across in some of the images. She can play very serious when she wants to but then has a big beaming smile! Apparently when she was younger, she was often mistaken for Emily Watson which I can still see.

Here is a small selection of images from Sonera’s Headshot shoot. To see more of my other shoots, click HERE to visit the blog.

Interested in casting Sonera? Here are some links:


Her own website:


Sonera Angel - Actress headshots in LondonStudio headshots for actressOutdoor Actress HeadshotsMontage of actress headshots

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Actors Headshots

Actors Headshots | Young male actor headshot montage

Actors headshots are often shot in our studio as the weather is rarely great for shooting outdoors. Especially after the winter we have just had! It is great that we are now getting to photograph headshots using the outdoor environment. Thomas is a young actor that has just arrived in the UK from Australia and wanted to get a range of headshots for use on Spotlight, Mandy, etc that may help him with castings in the UK. He has had a range of acting roles in Australia including a part in the upcoming Aquaman!

Follow Tom on his Instagram at

For his environmental actor headshots, we chose a location that gave us a range of looks without having to travel too far. The dark brick wall background in some of the headshots is under railway bridge. We have photographed actors under many bridges over the years, The light is great and the texture adds something to the images. Plus if it rains, we can still shoot!  

Actors Headshots | London based headshot photography for actors

Thomas wanted a range of images that would be a true representation of who he is and as he plays a wide range of roles and characters, wanted to be a ‘blank canvas’ for anyone looking to cast him in a new role. Thomas is a lovely guy and we hope he does really well in his acting career now he is in the UK.

Actors Headshots | Thomas Sebecke Australian actor in London

In addition to actors headshots, we also shot some full body images. Tom wanted to use one as his Facebook page banner as well as posting online.

Actors Headshots in Central London


We have also included the black and white headshots as we think they worked so well from this shoot.

Until relatively recently, all Actors Headshots were presented in Black and White. Spotlight was purely filled with monochrome portraits of actors. Now with the majority of actor headshots being online, we typically produce all our headshots in colour. We do however offer B&W versions of all of them as part of any package. Some purely prefer the look over a colour headshot. Although we love colour and choose locations, etc based around the colours and textures available, we love the B&W versions of these headshots.

Actors Headshots | Black and White actor portraitsActors Headshots in Black and White

If you are looking for some new Actors Headshots, please call us on 020 7523 5325 and we can talk you through all the options. We shoot at our studio near Greenwich in London as well as on location. Below is some more actor headshots shoots that you may like.

LinkedIn profile picture

Our LinkedIn Profile Picture Poll produced very interesting results!

LinkedIn poll re profile photos

As Headshot Photographers, our business portraits typically appear on company websites, company literature and of course as LinkedIn profile pictures. We wanted to find out how important LinkedIn profile pictures are and do people form opinions based on the photo alone. Who better to ask than recruiters. Whether they are an internal recruiter looking for their own company, or a consultant looking for a client, they are always actively networking and sourcing potential candidates often through LinkedIn itself.

We contacted Recruitment professionals and asked them three simple questions. This was a hidden ‘invite only’ poll that we proactively asked just recruiters to answer. We had 124 people answer the questions and they were really interested in what the results would be. We have to say the results surprised even us! If you are on LinkedIn and people are looking at your profile, this may make interesting reading!

These are the questions we asked:

“Do you search for candidates (job seekers) profiles on LinkedIn prior to contacting or meeting them?”

‘Do you form an opinion about a candidate based on their profile picture on LinkedIn?”

“Would you have second thoughts about a candidate that looks great on paper who has a bad headshot on LinkedIn?“

So why should we care about our LinkedIn profile picture?

Some of us take our LinkedIn profile picture more seriously than others. A quick scroll down any search will show you a big selection of professional shots mixed with holiday snaps. People are by their very nature curious. When preparing for a meeting with clients, new suppliers and potential employees we felt that lots of people did look up who they were meeting and consciously or unconsciously make judgements about them. But were we right?

The Results!!

Question 1 : “Do you search for candidates (job seekers) profiles on LinkedIn prior to contacting or meeting them?”

LinkedIn profile survey | Do you search for candidates details on LinkedIn?

93% of recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile picture before contacting you!!

93% of recruiters say that they look you up online before they meet or even contact you! We knew it would be high but this is an extraordinary percentage! We will explore this more with later questions but that means that 93% of possible contacts are forming opinions based on what the see and read about you before they even speak with you! This poll was just amongst recruiters but our suspicion is that this is pretty much on par for any business contact. We all love to look up prospective contacts online first. Everyone is so accessible with LinkedIn and other social medias that it has become normal to check contacts out before meeting.


Question 2 : ‘Do you form an opinion about a candidate based on their profile picture on LinkedIn?”   

LinkedIn Survey | Do you form an opinion about a candidate based on their profile picture on LinkedIn?

Almost 70% of new contacts will judge you simply on your LinkedIn profile picture!!

68% of people you have never met are forming an opinion of you based on your LinkedIn profile picture alone! Good or bad, this is not something to be ignored. No matter what you do in your career or business, the fact that over 2/3rd of possible contacts are forming an opinion based simply on your photo needs to be considered when you are trying to make an impression.


Question 3 : “Would you have second thoughts about a candidate that looks great on paper who has a bad headshot on LinkedIn?“

LinkedIn Survey | Would you have second thoughts about a candidate that looks great on paper who has a bad headshot on LinkedIn?

69% of people may not contact you if they don’t like your LinkedIn profile!

Now this was a big surprise. We were shocked that 69% of people said yes or maybe to this question! That’s over two thirds of potential contacts on LinkedIn who may choose not to contact you purely down to your LinkedIn profile picture!

It may seem shallow but there are possibly so many opportunities that may not come to fruition just because your LinkedIn profile photo is not appealing. Of course you cannot please all the people all the time.  However the old saying that people buy from people is very true.  I am always shocked that contestants get a no on ‘Take me Out’ because they have stripy socks or love their mum! But its worth considering what decisions are being made based on our profile images.


LinkedIn typically wins when a name is searched for in Google!

Don’t think that your profile is not being looked at either. Something you may not be aware of, is that LinkedIn will generally win the race when a name search is conducted on Google. If you search for someone’s name (even when the company is added), LinkedIn will not only win against huge companies like Accenture and KPMG but they will also win against Facebook! Try it for yourself. Put your name and company into Google and LinkedIn will (normally) win. This means the first impression that many people have is your LinkedIn profile.

Google search always shows LinkedIn ahead of branded searches.

LinkedIn will typically win against a name and branded search in Google.

Who is LinkedIn?

Since LinkedIn was established in 2003, it has grown massively and is the ‘go to’ professional social platform for many industries. Recruitment professionals utilise LinkedIn massively for reaching out to possible candidates for jobs. In the UK, there are 21m members on LinkedIn. That’s about 1/3rd of the population! Worldwide, there are 500 million users and apparently, 40% of members use the service in a daily basis. Even with these stats, we are often surprised by the fact that companies and staff members opt to use personal photos for their profiles rather than the professional headshots that we or any other company may provide. There are many articles including our own on LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistakes but still, it’s very common to have a holiday snap or night out shot on a Linkedin profile picture.

We hope this has been interesting. We had a feeling that the results would be interesting and the feedback we had from the recruiters was that they were very intrigued to see the results. However, we never expected such an overwhelming bias towards being judged on the LinkedIn profile picture alone!

If you have any questions about this article or would like to use the data in your own site or publication, feel free to call us on 020 7523 5325 / 01275 568 669 or email

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