Actor Headshots | Preparing for your shoot!

Getting great headshots is one of the key tools for an actor to promote yourself. Casting directors, agents and other industry professionals will normally encounter you for the first time through your headshot. Its no wonder that many actors are nervous about getting the right images for their profiles on Spotlight, Mandy, etc.  We aim to make every session fun with no pressure at all. The sessions are fast moving without being rushed and we tend just to have a chat with some photography in there somewhere!

To help you prepare for your headshot session, we have put together a guide that will hopefully answer your questions. If there is something else you would like to know, call us on 07810 004451 or use the live chat on here. Below is our top tips for getting ready for your headshot shoot. You can download the guide through the link at the bottom too!

Actor Headshots What to wear

What to Wear

Clothing reflects you, your brand and personality so it’s worth spending some time choosing the right outfits(s) for your shoot. For the majority of headshots, it’s only your top half you need to worry about.

For most headshots, we would recommend avoiding too many distracting patterns, graphics, branded logos or super vibrant colours.  Please bring plenty of tops with you so we can decide on the best ones for you.

Wear what you feel represents you. Bring a few changes of clothing including different colours. Classic t-shirts are always a good starting point. Layering looks with jackets, etc also works well.

We have an iron and hanging rail in the studio to make sure your clothes look their best.

Actor Headshots How to prepare

Hair & Makeup

Make Up: Typically, makeup for headshots should be natural and light. A headshot should be a true representation of who you are and what you will look like when you walk into an audition. If you have freckles or scars don’t hide them. They could be what gets you the part.

Hair and Facial Hair – Throughout a shoot, feel free to change your hair. Bring any accessories you like. If you have long hair, start with it down and then put it up throughout the shoot.

For men, if you want a look with and without stubble / beard, bring a shaving kit with you.

Check your eyebrows, nasal hair, etc. to make sure you are happy.

Skin: Photoshop is a wonderful thing but spending a bit of time on your skin the day before a shoot will work wonders! Try to avoid alcohol the night before as well as salty and fried foods. Boring as it may seem, water really helps your skin to look great!  Don’t stress about a last-minute breakout – we can remove any unwanted blemishes in the retouching process.

How to prepare for an actor headshot session

The Headshot Shoot

Give yourself plenty of time to travel to the studio. If you have to rush you will arrive stressed and that certainly won’t help you look your best. When you arrive we will have a chat about the images you would like, the characters you get cast for and look through the clothes you have brought.

Sessions are very relaxed. We will laugh a lot, chat a lot and take some pictures. I often play your favourite music to help you feel at ease.  I also show you images as they are photographed to help you see how great you look and give you chance to alter anything.

Children’s Headshot Sessions

The most important thing about our headshot sessions with children is that they feel relaxed, unpressurised and confident. To help this happen it is essential that parents:

  • Don’t add pressure either before or during the shoot. We want it to be a fun experience for everyone and putting pressure on before will have the wrong effect. All that happens is that the children and parents get stressed which makes it harder to capture natural expressions.
  • Do not bribe your child with sweets / snacks. By all means reward afterwards if you want but it should not be held as something that will be taken away if they don’t ‘perform’.
  • Leave Sean to interact with your child. He will play games, be generally silly (depending on their age) and talk about what interests them. This is to encourage them to forget they are being photographed and reduce any fixed camera smiles / nervous expressions.


After your session we will put all of the best images into a private gallery.  This is normally the same or next day. From this gallery you can choose your favourites. Once you have finished selecting let us know and we will retouch them for you. The finished images will be put into a separate gallery within approx. 7 days for you to download or share with your agent.

If you would like to download this article, click Lumosia Session Guide

Headshot Sizes – How to crop your headshots

The traditional actor headshot size or crop is just your head and shoulders. Tighter cropped headshots can have more impact. However casting directors increasingly like to see some images that show your body type and physique. After all it isn’t just your head and shoulders who would be in frame should you be offered the part! For this reason we like to give you the option on how they should be cropped and we normally send you your headshots in their original proportions (unless an image needs cropping or you specifically ask us to crop them). Uploading your headshots in a variety of sizes or crops shows the best variety possible.

However, we don’t just leave you to it. We suggest an online (free) site where you can crop them into whatever sizes you like. The site we recommend is However there are lots of other ways to crop them too (including Photoshop which is what we use). In the below example we show you in 5 easy steps how to crop them yourself.

Best size for headshots

We have cropped an example and included screen grabs to show you how it’s done.

Step 1:  Go to and upload one of your headshots (in either high or low resolution)

Step 2:  Click on crop and to crop the image to 10×8 (4:3 Ratio) enter 800 for the width and 1000 for the height as below. Then click on the padlock image to lock in the crop ratio.

Enter the dimensions for 10x8


Step 3: Increase the crop area by clicking on the black squares in the corner. Position the crop area so that any areas you would like to crop out are darker. It is often best to make sure that the rule of third (the dotted lines) are through your eyes in the image. Don’t worry about cropping your images. The high-resolution files are huge and you could even make wallpaper out of them. Even if you crop an image to a 30% of its original size, the quality would still be fine.

Photography Rule of Thirds


Step 4: Keep all the other settings the same and click ‘Download Image’ towards the bottom of the screen.

Download Image

Step 5: The image will download to wherever your downloads normally go and is ready for you to use.

If you would like any advice on how to crop your headshots (or anything else) please call Helen on 07810 004451.


Interview: Tim Blore | Actor, Musician, Writer & Producer

Tim Blore is a London based actor, musician and writer / producer

Having Cocktails with Daniel Bruhl and working with 2 Dr Who’s!

Being a creative often means you wear many hats. Seldom do we photograph headshots for performers that are just an actor or dancer. In a super competitive market, many creatives develop talents across different disciplines. It helps to stop burning out or getting bored but also helps to survive in an uncertain career. Tim Blore is certainly someone who has developed a wide range of skills. Working mainly around London he has a new play that he wrote and produced called  ‘AlterNativity’ at The Hope Theatre and the Bread and Roses Theatre. We caught up with Tim after his headshots and just as the play was opening to find out a bit more about him.

What is your main talent (Sing, dance, act, comedy, etc.)? 

I am an actor, musician (cellist), writer and producer.

Where did you study? 

Drama Studio London

What type of role do you normally get cast for? 

Romeos, psychos, Nazis, stuffy Brit and quite a bit of gay theatre. (Also all sorts of character voices, aliens and monsters on Radio!)

What do you love about performing? 

It’s nice to have a day off from yourself sometimes isn’t it?

What is your first memory of being on stage and loving it? 

Playing Benjamin in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat in a school production when I realised how much I love attention.

What is your ultimate role and why? 

Something fast paced, unhinged, physical and aggressive like Alex in A Clockwork Orange

What is the best bit of advice you have received as a performer? 

Just say the words.

Why did you want new headshots? 

My hair had grown and I’d aged horribly.

What is your greatest claim to fame?

Well I’m ecstatic to have just worked with the legendary Tom Baker and Colin Baker in recordings for Doctor Who with Big Finish. I also had a cocktail with one of my childhood heroes, German actor Daniel Brühl when filming on location in Hungary last year.

Where to find Tim:




Actor headshots for Tim Blore

Sophie Stevens | Dancer Headshots

Headshots for Dancer Sophie Stevens taken at out London studio

Sophie’s first ever professional headshots

I met Sophie recently for her first ever professional headshots shoot. She was absolutely lovely and brought so many tops that we were able to get a great range of images for her to use in castings as well as for online sites like Spotlight, etc. She is currently in her third year at London Studio Centre and needs headshots to start applying for when she graduates.

Here is some more about this aspiring dancer!

• What is your main talent (Sing, dance, act, comedy, etc.)?

My main talent is dancing! I’ve trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Jazz Partnering, contemporary, Horton, Commercial and Hip Hop as well as Singing!

• Where did you study?

I am in my 3rd year of dance training at London Studio Centre

• What type of role do you normally get cast for?

I have not been cast for anything yet as I am still in training, but due to my strong dance training I see myself more as the ensemble/swing in shows like Dirty Dancing, an American in Paris, Chicago, Cats etc.

• What do you love about performing?

The thing I love most about performing is that everything just disappears, every worry is gone. It’s a feeling of freedom with a rush of adrenaline.

• What is your first memory of being on stage and loving it?

My first memory of dancing on stage was when I was in my first real pantomime at the age of 12. performing to a real life audience in a proper theatre with professional actors/dancers, lighting and costume. It was then when I realised this could be an actual job. I could perform for a living.

• What is your ultimate role and why?

My ultimate dream is to perform alongside artists on tour and music videos, however I have always had a love for musical theatre and would love to play a major dancing role with partnering aspects.

• What is the best bit of advice you have received as a performer?

That you’re not going to get every job that you audition for, but that does not mean you’re not talented, it may just not what the panel are specifically looking for on that day! and of course to never give up on your dreams!

• Why did you want new headshots?

Shooting with Lumosia was my first session of headshots I have had professionally done, and I love them. It gave me the perfect opportunity to get plenty of different looks which I will be able to use for specific auditions.

You can follow Sophie on her Instagram by clicking HERE

Sophie Stevens is a dance student at the London Dance Studio

Whether you are a dancer, actor, magician or any type of performer, we would love to hear from you. Call us on 020 7523 5325 or email

Professional Photo Shoot London | Headshots in Kings Cross

Professional Photo Shoot Kings Cross London

Professional Headshots for exciting new business

As a small and growing business ourselves, we love to meet other entrepreneurs with a great story and an exciting vision. Tazz and Katie of StateZero Labs are an amazing duo with a real buzz about what they are doing. When I met them for their professional headshots, I had to ask if they were related as they seemed so in sync with each other!

StateZero have just moved into amazing offices just around the corner from Kings Cross Station and are in the very exciting world of Block Chain. They help new companies to develop in this amazing sector that seems to be everywhere at the moment. They have amazing plans to grow the business and from where they are now with just the two of them and their lovely dog, through to filling their offices by early next year.

Professional Photo Shoot London | Headshots Photography

Environmental Corporate Headshots

We met to create some single and joint professional headshots / editorial photography so they had photographs to send with press releases and PR, etc. There was talk of various articles coming out so we wanted to capture a range of shots. They are based in a quiet road and I loved the textures of a building there as a backdrop to their headshots. The shoot itself was quite swift with both Tazz and Katie being insanely busy.

Professional Photo Shoot Central London

The two of them were inspirational to meet and were so down to earth. They thought nothing of holding the stands to ensure they didn’t fall over in the wind. Having professional headshots taken can be a daunting experience but the two of them looked after each other to help with any nerves.

Professional Photo Shoot London | Behind the scenes

If you are looking for professional headshots for you and your team in London or throughout the UK, contact Sean or Helen on 020 7523 5325 or email 


Headshot Photography | Winter special for Actor Headshots

Headshot Photography for actors can be a huge investment. Whether you are a student or a working actor, great headshots is a necessity for you to promote yourself. As an actor, they can be one of the biggest investments you make in yourself after education. With over 1000 images being uploaded to Spotlight every single day, and castings being massively oversubscribed, the pressure can be on to get the best headshots that show your potential and stand out from the crowd! Traditionally cheap actor headshots have not been great quality and are not always up to standard. However, we believe that we can offer great actor headshots at a great price.


In September, we ran a one month promotion to celebrate the opening of our new studio in Greenwich. We called it the ‘Buy what you love’ special. This offered a different approach to headshot photography pricing. Rather than paying for a package in advance and hoping you got great images, we just asked that you bought the images that you loved. Portrait photographers have offered this approach for years. The idea was great headshots at an affordable price and you were in control of what you spent. Needless to say, the demand was HUGE!!! We shot so many actors almost every day in the studio and got to meet some amazing people!

Actir Headshots in London | Montage of various actors headshots


Due to popular demand (to say the least!) we have started the promotion again. We love the fact that we are offering a ‘no risk’ way to get great headshots at a price point that won’t break the bank. So many of our actors and performers are either studying or starting out in their career and balancing a ‘boring’ job alongside castings, rehearsals, etc and working to a budget can be tricky.

Various headshots of London Based Actors


We also just want to say that there is simply no sales pressure from us at all. Your images go on a gallery for a week and you can order online through a straightforward system. We have made the pricing super straight forward with single images or packages available. Single images are £25 each up to 20 images for £200. Last time we ran this, we had a waiting list!


Photographs of actors


Here are some details:

  • 60 Minute headshots session at our studios in London or Bristol
  • Minimum of 4 different set ups during the session
  • Unlimited changes of tops (Bring as many as you can for variety)
  • Purely buy the images you love with no pressure sales
  • Fun and fast-moving headshot session with either Helen or Sean
  • Advice before the session on what to wear and how to prepare so you look your best
  • Soft flattering lighting to highlight your best features
  • Natural posing guidance during the session on how to sit / stand and where to look
  • View your images as they are taken so you can adjust anything you don’t like
  • Select your images via a private online gallery
  • Post production on all selected images (colour & exposure correction, blemish removal and light skin softening)
  • Full reproduction rights
  • Print and web ready versions of your headshots to publish on websites, social media, etc

Images are just £25 each, five for £100, 10 for £140 or 20 for £200. Black and White versions of all the images you order are a single price of £10 extra for all the images.

Book in London at our Greenwich Studio on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Bristol on a Monday.

If you have any questions, you can call us on London 020 7523 5325 or Bristol on 01275 568 669.


Here is a behind the scenes at one of these shoots.


Corporate Photographer London

Headshots, editorial and event photography for a City of London Client

London Corporate Photographer | Headshot of female executive

Global Reach Group are foreign exchange experts offering corporate and private clients a full range of international money exchange services. They are based near Bank in Central London and we have worked with them for the past year as their corporate photographer. London is one of our key cities with clients across the West End, Canary Wharf and the City of London itself.

They initially contacted us as they were going through a brand update and wanted headshot photography for all their staff. They wanted to move away from a solid colour background to their headshots and to an environmental look that incorporated their location. With Guildhall just across the road, we chose to use the iconic London landmark as a backdrop albeit in an abstract way. Starting with an initial two-day shoot, we have since photographed over 100 members of staff including matching the look for their Cornwall office.

Corporate Headshot Photographer London

Corporate Photographer London | Montage of headshots of London Executives

Office Photography

In addition to headshot photography, we spent an afternoon creating some natural ‘reportage’ office photography, traders and sales people on their phones and then some posed images of meetings and in front of the Reuters screens. This gave Global a range of images to use on their website, brochures and any other media that is used internally or externally such as annual reports, sales prospectus’, etc.

corporate photographer london | Images of city professionals at work

Once the brand update was complete and the office was redecorated, we were asked to capture a range of images of the new signage and the building itself. They are in a very impressive building in Basinghall St, in EC2V, have an amazing kitchen area for their colleagues and company branding throughout the offices.

corporate photographer london | Images of the office and exterior of the building in the City of London

Corporate Event Photographer London

During the summer, we were invited to capture their rooftop summer party. Despite the initial rain, the cocktails were certainly flowing and the DJ got everyone dancing very early in the evening. The brief was to create a range of natural and un-posed images to remember the celebrations. It was a great evening with loads of free-flowing cocktails.

corporate photographer london | Rooftop Corporate Party

We work as corporate photographers throughout London and the UK offering a wide range of photography services. Call us on 020 7523 5325 to discuss your headshots, events, editorial or any other corporate photographer requirements.

Headshot Photography | Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes for headshot photography

We get asked lots of questions by both our clients and other photographers about how we photograph headshots and what its like in the studio. We share some behind the scenes images on our Instagram channel (Click HERE to follow us) but we thought it was time for a video.

What happens at a headshot photo shoot?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to sit through a whole session. We created a time-lapse of a recent shoot with the amazing Nicole Simons ( Nicole wanted a collection of headshots for casting of musical theatre and dancing work. We photographed purely in the studio and only for about an hour, but managed to create a range of different looks.

Hopefully, this gives you an insight into an actor headshot session with us. What you can’t see is the laptop screen where the images are coming up as I take them. This gives you instant feedback on the style and lighting of the headshots and you can have input on any changes you would like (often hair!).

Photography geeks, scroll down below the video for kit list

If you are interested in having new headshots, call us on 020 7523 5325 in London or 01275 568 669 for Bristol and the rest of the UK. You can of course email on

Behind the scenes video of one of our headshot shoots


If you have made it this far, then I guess you are a bit of a photography geek and are interested in what cameras, flashes, etc that we use in the studio. I have tried to put everything that is in the video below. Feel free to email me on with any questions.

I typically shoot at F4 at either 1/160th or 1/200th. My ISO sits at 100 or 200. I now also use a Tripod as it increases the hit rate for pin sharp images. Handheld was not as consistent especially at f4 and sometimes f2.8.

I have put links where I can below to where I bought the kit. None of these are affiliate links.

This video was filmed on an iPhone 7 Plus.

Camera and Flash Equipment:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark 4. I buy mine from Digital Rev (Click HERE)

Lens: Canon 70-200 2.8is Mark 2. Again from Digital Rev. My particular one, the little screws hidden behind the tripod mount come loose and have to be tightened frequently. (Digital Rev Link HERE)

Studio lights, Speedlights and Video lights

A note about Neewer Products: I absolutely love Neewer! I have many products from them from stands to Bowens mounts and now studio flashes. I have yet to be let down by them. The kit is well-built and arrives through Amazon very quickly. I am pretty rough on my kit as I travel to corporate headshots as well as actors and it survives well. I know that as a new brand to the market, you may well be cautious but so far, I cannot complain. I am in no way affiliated with them, but just love the fact that you can buy great quality photo equipment and not pay a fortune.

The Elinchrom equivalent to the deep octa in the video is almost 5 times the cost. It would have to be pretty special to be 5 times the light modifier! I believe that Godox are the same products but rebranded. For some crazy reason, I prefer the branding of Neewer.

Key light: Neewer S300N | I have only recently moved to having a powered light in the studio as previously just used Speedlights. I have this on power 2 (It goes up to 6). It’s great to have a modelling lamp rather than shooting blind. (Great light. Here is a link to Amazon

Key light modifier: Neewer 48 inches/120 centimeters Deep Hexadecagon Softbox. I properly love this modifier! I used the Godox 80cm before and still do on some location shoots but the quality of light from this is beautiful whether you use a studio strobe or a speed light. Here is a link to the modifier on Amazon

All other lights are Youngnuo 600EX RT triggered with a YONGNUO YN-E3-RT (The key light is on slave so triggers when the speedlights go off). This is the equivalent to Canon’s 600 EX RT and ST-E3 system but about 1/4 of the price. I do own some of the Canon flashes but I also drop them frequently or they get knocked in transport. At c£70 a unit, the Neewer onces are more affordable to replace.

The modifier on the hair light is a Godox 80cm foldable softbox. Great quality of light from a softbox that folds down into a bag. Amazon Link HERE

The video light used on Nicoles Hair is the Yongnuo YN-600 Pro LED Video Light. We spent a long time looking into different video lights and this one is amazing. Here is a great review of this and other equivalent lights  Amazon Link  for the lights itself

Stands and reflector supports:

I have collected various stands over the years from random manufacturers. The most recent ones I have bought which strike the balance of height and weight are the Neewer 9 feet / 260cm ones. They do the trick fine. Amazon Link Here

I get lots of questions about my reflector stand. This is a funny one as it’s actually a Triflector stand that I have had for years. I still have the three triangle reflectors that go on it but I prefer the light and the catchlights that come from on big silver or white reflector. The stand allows me to make a three-sided support that I simply lie the reflector on. Here is a link to what it looks like when you buy it:

Photo Backgrounds, backdrops and other stuff

I have a wide variety of backgrounds and include printed vinyl ones which are available online through to making our own. We also use various materials, curtains, etc to create texture in the background.

The silver background is insulation board from Wickes (Link) sprayed silver and copper. These are 2.4m X 1.2m. I walked back from Wickes with these on my head as they won’t fit in the car. It can be fun when its windy!!! I spray them in various paints. With the ones featured sprayed with metallic silver like this one (Link)

Vinyl backgrounds come from eBay. You do have to trawl through all the awful fantasy backgrounds, etc but there are some gems there!

Actress Headshots | Molly Longworth

Headshot Photography in London for actors and actresses

Molly was amazing when she came into the studio for her actor headshots recently. She is currently in her third year at East 15 Acting School and needed a range of looks as she looks towards getting cast after she graduates. She arrived super early for her shoot which gave us extra time to try different lighting set ups and go through the great range of clothing options that she brought along. We had a chat about her usual casting types and shot her headshots with those in mind.

Molly was an absolute dream to photograph headshots for. She is funny and personable and we wish her all the best in her career when she graduates.

You can follow Molly’s adventures on Instagram by clicking here:

Headshot photography for London based actress Molly Longworth

Molly Longworth Actor

If you are looking to update your actor headshots, call Helen or Sean on 020 7523 5325. We are always happy to help.

Click an image below to see more of our recent actor headshot sessions.

Actors Headshot | The Skeltons

Actor headshots for the Skelton family | Sonny Boy | Badger | Buddy

Working with young actors for their headshot photography, we often have shoots that include siblings. Sometimes one sibling is way more into acting or being in front of the camera. This certainly wasn’t the case the ‘Team Skelton’. All three of these guys are already successful with multiple projects both already released or filming at the moment. They must be destined for great things when they real names are Sonny Boy, Badger and Buddy! There is a real air of quiet confidence about all of them and you know that they take acting seriously. Their mum also does a great job in knowing how to get the best out of them. For their headshot session, we aimed for a range of images that not only portrayed them as a ‘blank canvas’ for a casting director but also leaned towards the style of roles that they like to play.

Sonny Boy Skelton

The oldest of the three, it was Sonny Boy that first got the acting bug and has had great success from Call the Midwife and Dr Foster through to having a number of production that have just completed or are filming

Sonny Boy Skelton is a London based young actor

Badger Skelton

Badger Skelton is a young actor and performer from London

Badger has already been on Dr Who and has just had a major role with Daniel Mays and Billie Piper in Two for Joy. You can also see him in ‘Love’ on the BBC This Christmas

Buddy Skelton

Buddy Skelton. Amazing young London based actor.

The youngest of the three boys, Buddy has multiple entries on IMDB at the age of just 11! Including ‘My Name is Lenny’

To see more recent actors headshots sessions, click an image below.

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